Basic Made Co - Reusable Makeup Pads - 10 pack

Material Bamboo Cotton

Did you know 20 million make up wipes are thrown away every day? The BASIC MADE CO Reusable Makeup Pads are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single use cotton pads and make up wipes. There are two types, made from either bamboo cotton or bamboo charcoal. We've chosen bamboo as it's durable and strong, yet still so soft! These double sided pads are perfect for removing make up, cleansing, applying your favourite toner, or anything else you'd use a cotton pad for! Once used, pop them into the wash bag and throw them in with your laundry or you can also wash them with warm water by hand.

Which type should you choose? Well that's completely up to you! The bamboo cotton feel more cottony (very technical language here) and the bamboo charcoal feel more like felt! We recommend the bamboo cotton for your morning routine and the charcoal bamboo for night as it hides the stains from your make up.

Each set contains 10 x 8cm cotton make up pads and 1 cotton wash bag.

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makeup pads

Wash well too

Love this product

Love these, better than your throw away round make-up pads.

Amy D.

Better than a cotton pad and feels nice and soft on your face. 10/10 would recommend